Vote Yes For Local Businesses

by on August 23, 2012

Local business owners are constantly in a struggle with the local government on taxes and how their business should be run. The number of regulations, tax codes and taxes a small local business owner faces makes running a business almost impossible. Most local businesses never have a chance to grow merely on the current local and national tax codes. With the coming November elections in Washington State, Seattle residences have a change to help local business owners by stopping the ever increasing taxes on these small business owners. Over 65% of the economy both local and nationwide is due in part to small businesses. Small businesses employ more people and help feed more families than a large government.

Seattle local company Water Damage Seattle supports lower taxes on business owners so that they can employ more people and increase payrolls for their current employees. When the election comes, please keep in mind these small business owners and vote for small business. Water damage companies throughout Seattle a grateful for your vote for small business.

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